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Dead set is not something that would cheer you up, don’t watch it.

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OMG I’m a Jew - The Madeleine Albright Story

Watching Jon Stewart’s interview with former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, telling how she found out late in life that she was actually a Jew, fleeing czechoslovakia as the Nazis invaded, one cannot but wonder how come no one bought the rights and produced a Broadway musical based on her life story. Featuring the hits:

- OMG, I’m a jew  (“…she’s a Jew, who would’ve knew”)

- The Nazis are Coming  (“… we must run, the SS is no fun”)

- Safe in London (“…It’s all right baby, it’s Albright”)

and many others.

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The River

"the river" is no more than a bunch of leftovers of ideas from "lost"

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Spartacus #2

The new Spartacus (blood and sand etc) doesn’t look like a man that men will follow, he looks like a man that men will throw to the garbage and close the lid #Spartacus-session-2

At the pic - a real man

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ריאליטי ישראלי וממי אישיוז

צפייה בתכניות ריאליטי ישראליות מוכיחה בלא ספק שעל מנת לגדל בן שבאמת אוהב, שרוף, מוכן להקריב הכל בשביל אמא שלו, צריך להיות אמא מעדות המזרח, אשכנזי בחיים לא היה מתפייט ככה על אמא שלו בטלוויזיה #אמא-שלי-הכי-לא-הכילה-אותי #מוידויו של משתתף ריאליטי אשכנזי

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Frozen planet

3 evening in a raw watching “Frozen planet" made me a new person. Amazing documentation about inconceivable frozen land #must-see #the-little-penguin-rocks 

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Actually good, I am surprise, really good.

Pretty, smart, real.

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Black Mirror

Black mirror (thanks Imi Eiron) was fine. Just fine, I expected more. It looks like an internet joke that swell to a TV series. The internet is MUCH MORE creepy. #but-nice-try #Through-the-Looking-Glass

At the pic: another day at the office

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The new NBC Grimm - Second in a row  - stupid series about the resurrection of old fairy tales, some legends should stay legends 

At the pic - Look mommy, a legend